Photos by:  Sam Hurd

Photos by: Sam Hurd

piacere di conoscerti!

Christian here, Salvadoran at heart but born & raised in the DMV. Been living here all my life, but have enjoyed traveling abroad during the last few years. Italy is probably my favorite, no matter how many times I go...the food is amazing :)

In my spare time I try to set a good example for the youth at my church and help wherever I can. I have a beautiful girlfriend named Rosy.

Check out a video I made of my most recent travels below, hopefully it convinces you to book yourself a trip if you haven't yet been across the Atlantic!

Started filming weddings back in 2012 and took a break after overwhelming myself mixing video with my I.T. career to the point where I couldn't perform at my best. After a couple years I've decided to slowly get back to filming and photographing as time allows.

I appreciate your time and if there's anything I can put on frame or a screen for you, hit me up.